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Trigger Point Massage Ball

Fight minor aches and pains with the Trigger Point Massage Ball. Buy it now online or in store from D8 Fitness. First, enjoy targeted relief and deep muscle massage with this roller ball. Simply apply pressure specifically to a point of discomfort. Place it between the targeted area and the floor, wall or any hard surface for stability. Second, this performance massage ball mimics the feel of your forearm. As a result, it massages nearly any part of the body safely and effectively. Further, this can be done in the comfort of your own home. No doctor or physio therapist required. Use the trigger point massage ball in warm-up or in post-workout recovery. It works especially great on the neck, shoulders, back, chest, piriformis, calves and more. Suffer from minor aches and pains? Get relief using this massage ball. The Trigger Point Massage Ball box also includes instructions. This massage ball assists in managing minor aches and pains of the muscle by applying pressure to general areas. Please note: This massage ball may not be suitable for all people. Check with your doctor before use. Use the links below to learn more aboutTrigger Point Massage Ball or other massage balls. Please research massage techniques thoroughly before attempting them.


  • The Trigger Point Massage Ball's patented material mimics the feel of the forearm allowing you to massage nearly any part of the body safely and effectively on your own
  • Patented material will not compress after repeated use
  • This massage ball is great for the neck, shoulders, back, chest, piriformis, calves, or anywhere that you have minor aches and pains
  • This type of roller ball is comparable to a deep tissue massage
  • Use to manage minor aches and pains and tight muscles needing relief and deep muscle massage
  • Use this performance massage ball for minor aches and pains as either pre-workout as a warmup or for post-workout recovery
  • Recommended areas of use: foot, calf, tibilias anterior, glutes, psoas, upper back, chest / pecs, lats / side torso, neck and arms
  • The Trigger Point Massage Ball's nonslip fabric surface ensures controlled rolling
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
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