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Smaller improvements can make for quicker gains with our Steel Micro Fractional Plates. Unlike traditional weights which tend to increase in increments of 5kg, these have much smaller weight differences, so you can take your time with weight training.

About the Steel Micro Fractional Plates

If your goals are looking further away than ever, you might like to take smaller steps towards reaching that personal best. These 2" plates can be added to your current max weight so that your improvements are slow, yet steady. You'll be pilling these steel plates on before you know it! Available in weights of 0.25kg, 0.50kg, 0.75kg, and 1kg, these plates can be used in a wide range of movements. They are great for overhead presses, squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, adding a shiny, professional image to your workout. They fit on any standard Olympic barbell, allowing you to push your limits with micro increments that are surprisingly effective in improving your overall performance.  
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