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Sports Zinc Oxide Tape

Sports zinc oxide tape is one of the most commonly used tape in professional sport. Use it to immobilize joints and prevent injuries. Buy it now online or in store from D8 Fitness. Sports zinc oxide tape is a rigid athletic sports strapping sticky tape for sports injury. Rugby and football players frequently use it for taping ankles and knees. Likewise, runners use it to cover or prevent blisters. This tape protects ankles and knees. Use it if you already have an injury. You can also use tape to prevent an injury as well. Strict support helps prevent damage to muscles and tendons. This roll of sports zinc oxide tape tears easily by hand both across and down the length. No scissors required. The tape conforms easily to the skin.  Its skin-friendly adhesive won't irritate or chafe. The perforated adhesive coating allows air to circulate. As a result, skin breathes better. A wide variety of sports and medical practitioners use sports zinc oxide tape. Physiotherapists, doctors, nurses and trainers all employ it.

How to Use Zinc Oxide Tape

For best results, handle the tape as little as possible. Prepare the skin before application. Ensure the application area is clean and dry. If needed, use an adhesive spray or under wrap. Then apply the tape to your skin. Rub the tape once applied to the skin to warm the adhesive. (Warning: if you use adhesive spray or skin toughener, you may need adhesive remover!) The roll features digital unwind. Digital unwind means that it unrolls all the way down to the core. As a result, no tape is wasted. This also makes application easier. Immobilise joints or support injuries with zinc oxide tape. Wear it on fingers and toes to prevent rubbing and blisters. Consequently, boxers frequently use it to wrap their fingers and hands under their gloves. Click Here to view our full range of Tapes Finally, get the support you need with sports zinc oxide tape. Use it whenever the need arises.
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