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Parallettes (Dip Bars)

You don’t have to go to a gym to perform the type of dynamic body weight exercises professional athletes and competitive trainers do. Add these parallettes (dip bars) to your home gym or training studio to get real, solid results. This pair from D8 Fitness is perfect for performing handstand pushups, L-Sits, isometric holds, swing-throughs, extended range pushups and more. Also known as dip bars, they are a favorite product for many forms of functional training, as well. This unique training tool has its roots in gymnastic training. Using them to perform exercises mimics both the look and feel of working out on the parallel bars. They're not just for gymnasts, though. The type of dynamic bodyweight exercises you can do using parallettes are beneficial to athletes and weight trainers of all levels, sports, or areas of focus. They're the perfect tools for building strength and sculpting muscle. They are also good for developing stability and core control.Use them for tricep dips, body row pull-ups, push-ups, leg raises and other body weight exercises. Incorporate them into your daily workout for clear, defined results. The height of the Parallettes Bar Set is 41cm, providing ample room for your feet and legs to pass through so you can focus on form and get full extensions for better workouts every time. The rubber feet are stable on all floor types and support any weight. Bring your gym training home and make fresh progress on L-sits, handstand push ups, and planches. Each set contains 1 pair of bars (2 parallettes).

Key Features:

  • Build strength and sculpt muscle
  • Develop stability and core strength and control
  • Great for performing any number of bodyweight exercises
  • Key exercises include: tricep dips, body row pull-ups, push-ups, leg raises and other body weight exercises
  • Height: 41 cm
  • Sold in Pairs
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