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Lacrosse Ball

Relieve pain and soreness with this Lacrosse Ball. Buy it  and other massage balls online or in store from D8 Fitness. Use after workouts and minimize soreness as a result. Are you recovering from an injury? Add it to your rehab to speed up recovery time. The Lacrosse Ball stimulates circulation. As a result, it relieves tension and eases pain. Unlike smaller massage balls, use this ball to reach tight and hard to reach places. All in all, a Lacrosse Ball provides durable release. First, ease pain in your shoulders and neck. Second, relieve tension in your back, hips and other places. Do you suffer from sciatica or disc issues? Lacrosse balls help fight muscle tension. Achilles tendon pain or injuries also benefit greatly from their use. Further, self-massage works equally well on tense and stiff muscles. Do you sit at a desk all day? Do you suffer from pain or tense muscles as a result? This is due to inactivity. Keep a Lacrosse Ball in your desk and use it for a quick and easy massage. In fact, Lacrosse Balls also provide relief for many other problems. Soothe sore feet, for example. Or ease glute pain. Loosen tight hips, relieve shoulder stress and much more. Due to its compact form, a lacrosse ball is portable and easy to take with you. Each Lacrosse Ball is sold separately. Bulk rate discounts may be available on packs of 12 for gyms and studios. Contact us for inquiries. In conclusion, a Lacrosse Ball helps your body feel and work better. Get one today from D8 Fitness.

Key Features:

  • Lacrosse balls relieve stress and soreness
  • Massage balls work on muscles and soft tissue
  • Ideal for massaging hard to reach places
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: 8 Inches in circumference
  • Material: solid rubber
  • Sold separately
  • Gyms/Studios: Pack of 12 available at discounted rate
Please note: A Lacrosse Ball may not be suitable for all people. Check with your doctor before use. Use the links below to learn more about Lacrosse Balls or other massage balls. Please research massage techniques thoroughly before attempting them.
Click Here to view our full range of massage balls. [youtube][/youtube]
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