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When it comes to training the biceps and triceps, the curl bar is a great option. Lighter than a traditional barbell, this bar is ideal for anyone worried about their wrists as they lift. Practice bicep curls without putting pressure on the joints and get a more intense isolation on that all-important muscle.

About the Curl Bar

Our curl bar has been made with progress in mind. It is a great choice for anyone looking to boost their arms workouts by isolating the muscle. The knurled handle makes for the best grip without gloves, even if you are really sweaty. The wavy bar freely rotates as you lift to make for a comfortable and even movement, while the chromed steel structure means that it will last through many, many intense workouts. The bar itself weighs just 7.5kg and is capable of holding 48mm Olympic-sized plates. You can load as much weight as you like up to 100kg, helping you to progress and build weight gradually.

How to Use this Product

The curl bar can be used in many different ways. Use it for bicep and tricep curls to really feel the effort in your brachialis and brachioradialis. You can also rest the bar in your elbow creases, with your arms crossed across your chest, in order to perform weighted squats. Use the curl bar in your bench presses to take the focus off the chest and onto your triceps. It is also great for upright rows and overhead tricep extensions. Basically, any exercise that focuses on the forearm or isolates those larger arm muscles can be adapted for use with this bar. It is often called an EZ bar, which means 'easy' bar. This is because it is lighter than a traditional dumbbell, putting less pressure on the joints. However, it is still perfectly possible to get a really tough workout from our curl bar.
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