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Cable Machine Kick Back Attachment

Our D8 Cable Machine Kick Back Attachment has been designed for use with Cable Machines or Power Bands. This heavy duty attachment is padded for comfort and comes with a velcro strap for easy on/off attachments.  It attaches securely to a cable machine or power band via a metal clip. You can also use them on your wrists! Our heavy-duty ankle attachment strap is made of nylon webbing and is easily adjustable. Use them with a cable machine or power bands to increase resistance while doing a variety of everyday exercises. Get more out of every donkey kick, mountain climber, leg raise, crunch, lunge and more when you use this attachment. Key features of the official D8 Fitness Cable Machine Kick Back Attachments Strap include:
  • Strong nylon webbing for longer life and durability
  • Sturdy D rings for attaching to cable machines or power bands
  • Padded for Comfort
  • Easily adjustable with velcro strap
  • One size fits all
  • Suits for both ankle and wrist
  • Size: 10cm x 29cm  (WxL)
  • Colour: Black/Blue
  • Sold in PAIRS
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