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Agility Ladder 5m

The Agility Ladder 5m is one of the most simple and effective training tools you can have whether you are training groups, individuals or Children's, its fun way to exercise.  The Agility Ladder provides your body with an intense workout that will burn calories with many exercises variations to offer, you can design every workout to match your fitness level and ability. This Ladder is suitable for rehabilitation, speed training, coordination training and other countless forms of exercises. This ladder is 5 meters in length, 43cm wide which features 12 rungs that are easy to extend by clipping multiple ladders together.  It is made of high-quality plastic to withstand years of use which is easy to clean. What can you achieve by training with an Agility Speed Ladder?
  • Development of the lateral and forward foot speed
  • Improve coordination
  • Develop explosiveness
  • Develop a walking technique
  • Condition improvement
Some other features:
  • Adjustable treads; This makes training with a speed ladder accessible to different exercises and age categories
  • Suitable for Indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes handy carrying case
  • Easy to wash
Here's is a few drills you can do with an exercise ladder. Check out our full range of exercise equipment
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