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Give your tired, sore muscles a little extra support with this Kinesiology Tape 6.0 Waterproof. This exercise tape is a key tool for every serious athlete.

About the Kinesiology Tape 6.0 Waterproof

This super-tough tape is available in several different colours, so you can match it to your gym outfit. The waterproof construction makes it ideal for swimming or water-based activities, while the material is free from latex which is great for those who suffer from allergies. The elastic cotton fabric is acrylic-coated to create a super-strong tape that moves with the body and supports injury and tired muscles, while also helping to reduce swelling. The Kinesiology Tape 6.0 Waterproof measures 50mm wide and 6m long. Simply cut it to the length you need and place the lightweight tape wherever you need extra support. Choose electric blue or pink to make a statement, or pick black or natural colours for a subtler approach to your injury.
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